Design Ideas - Special Fireplace

I ran across this sculpture installation that really caught my eye.  A really simple fireplace wall composition with one spectacular piece of art.  The glass wheat sculpture is designed by Canlis Glass out of Seattle, Washington.  Check it out.

Simple composition of the fireplace wall.  A contemporary fire box and open display niche sit side by side.  Wheat sculpture centered above.
Lighting is important here as it really emphasizes the overall texture of the glass.
The stems of glass are set into the base of the sculpture; which in this case also serves as the fireplace mantel.
I don't want to know how much this costs.I would imagine that this unique glass sculpture is cost prohibitive.  But the idea of the fireplace wall can be borrowed.  Keep the composition very simple.  No need for a fancy fireplace surround with expensive stone and and an ornate mantel.  Instead just place one interesting piece of art above.  Beautiful idea.

Larson Brenner Design to be Featured in New Book

An In-Law Apartment I designed a few years ago is to be featured in an upcoming book by Michael Litchfield.  The book is called in-laws, outlaws and granny flats; and is slated to be available in bookstores and online by late February / early March.
the book can be pre-ordered at the taunton store - in-laws-outlaws-and-granny-flats
The book features a number of case studies that illustrate ways in which homeowners are creating in-law suites.  In our case study - called "Billys Place" we converted an existing garage attic space into a beautiful live able one room studio for Grandpa.
We used the volumes created by the shape of the roof and dormers to zone distinct spaces within.
The living, sitting and entry zones lie underneath the main gable.
The kitchen zone is carved into the northern dormer.The bed zone lies within the southern dormer.We at Simply Elegant Home Designs have created a couple of Garage / Studio Apartment designs inspired by "Billys Place".  If interested you can check them out with the links below:Minnetonka Garage ApartmentMarine Garage Apartment

New House Plan Offering - The Excelsior Cottage

Simply Elegant Home Designs is very proud to offer an amazing new house plan - the Excelsior Farmhouse Cottage; designed by Ron Brenner of Larson Brenner Architects.  The design combines elements from traditional farmhouse and contemporary cottage home styles.    

Excelsior Farmhouse Cottage - Front
Excelsior Farmhouse Cottage - Side / Rear
Excelsior Farmhouse Cottage - Living RoomThis home plan’s exterior is characterized by this designer’s exquisite attention to scale, proportion, window patterns, materials and all of the details. A beautifully proportioned second story front gable and graceful columns provide a striking entry to the home.  Subtle overhangs with delicate brackets provide interesting shadow lines and help to protect the windows below.
The main floor accommodates kitchen, living and dining areas within its elegant open floor plan. Upstairs the three bedrooms, including the master suite, are neatly placed beneath an interesting roof line.  An above garage bonus room provides ample space for an additional bedroom and family flex areas.
You can visit Excelsior Farmhouse Cottage to learn more about this home design.

Interior Design Salon " Home ideas "

One ideas for you people which want to build salon on their house. Interior design salon ideas for you, i share for you this decorate ideas free and i hope we can help you to find more ideas which you want. Now enjoy and save my interior design salon :)

16000 Project and Plans Woodworking Interior Ideas

teds woodworking plan ideas
woodworking plans interior design
best woodworking plans interior designAre you want to find more plans woodworking ?? now i will share to you about 16000 project and plans woodworking interiors by teds. The product tedswoodworking may be can help you to find ideas. i think this good for you all which want to find more ideas.

For you which profesional , may be want to grow your brain to make your client feel satisfied, i Tedswoodworking can help you to overcome your problem. you can get 16000 step by step woodworking plans which very interesting. if you feel this woodworking plans very usefull for you and want find more information. you can visit TedsWoodWorking site

127 Pearl Avenue Interior Design on California

pearl avenue california interior design

interior design ideas california

bathroom pearl avenue interior design ideas

fresh living room pearl avenue interior design
kitchen interior design pearl avenue
interior design pearl avenue ideas" Sophisticated Garden Home Embraces the Ease of Living at the Beach " that is one expression which interesting from 127 pearl avenue. Good home interior design at the beach make this hom interior very interesting. Some people in the world want to have a home at the beach, because they can enjoy the beach at the morning and evening.

I like a home interior at the beach, i don't know you like or not, but this interior design is one ideas for you which want to builg home interior at the beach.You can find more information 127 pearl avenue california on their site, you can visit here 

The Carla Ridge Residence Interior Design Ideas

carla residence interior design ideas
the carla ridge residence interior lounge room
the carla ridge interior design ideas
residence interior design ideas
carla rigde interior design
interior design ideas for you
carla residence interior ideas designThe Carla Ridge residence can give you how to make a big and luxury residence interior design. Best interior for make your consumer happy and enjoyed in your residence. Carla residence interior design is one solution for you which want to find more ideas.
Are you want to build a residence ?? you can try to build your residence with follow this carla ridge ideas. enjoyed visit my site and share to other friends if you happy. i hope this will help you and this interior design ideas very usefull for you :)

Black Contemporary Modern Interior Design Italian Style by Rosseto

black contemporary bedroom interior design
contemporary bedroom interior design
contemporary interior design ideas
modern and contemporary bedroom interior design
contemporary interior design bedroom ideas
contemporary ideas bedroom interior designDomination black color ( dark color ) and good lighting make this contemporary bedroom interior design most better than other decorate. This is one of contemporary bedroom which i think interesting for me. i don't know this decorate also make you interested or not.Bedroom interior design which italian style above by Rosseto. looks very luxurious and an attractive design for your family, and i think can give our comfortable. 

Modern and Luxury Bedroom Interior Design For Minimalist Room Ideas

modern and luxury bedroom interior ohio
modern bedroom interior design ohioModern and luxury bedroom interior above is very match for you which want to find more ideas to get modern and better bedroom. Simple bedroom and i think this is can give impression that fresh bedroom decorate. Combination white color and dark color make this decorate visible interesting and amazing.

What are you think about this decorate ?? may be you think as me , that is interesting ideas bedroom interior. you can save this pictures and then you can try to build this bedroom interior design  at a shop furniture your nearest. You enjoyed in my site ?? i hope this usefull for you. Give me your comment about my site. Thanks before . . .

Modern LUC Chair Furniture by Moritz Bottcher and Soren Henssler

modern chair furniture LUC
chair furniture modern interior design
modern chair LUC furniture
chair furniture
modern chair furniture ideasModern chair furniture by Moritz Bottcher and Soren Henssler abve is very simple ideas. This one ideas interior design for you which want to find modern and simple design chair furniture. Please save to your PC , this is share for all people and i hope this design chair LUC ideas very usefull for you.Come back again next time , please give me comment. Thanks before . . .

Home Modern Interior Inspiration by Mediterranean Architecture

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simple modern livingroom interior
fresh and modern decorate ideas
modern bedroom interior design ideas
simple modern livingroom decorate
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modern interior decorating with best lighting
modern livingroom decorate ideas
home modern decorate ideas Modern home interior design inspiration by mediterranean architecture which very amazing and beautifull. with simple ideas architcture livingroom and bedroom make interior design above is very interesting. This inspiration architecture very good for you, are you want to find more modern interior design ?? may be this architecture decorate for livingroom is you want.