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How To Design Small Bathrooms

One of the main aspects of a bathroom, which you need to select with care in case of small space, comprises of the colors of the walls and ceiling. Though it is true that white color helps open up space, you don't have to stick to it always. Rather, you can try making use of pale colors, like blue grey, or cool colors, like greens and blues. Cocoa shades or bright colors in pink and orange can also be worked with. Yet another idea would be to paint an opposing wall in a deep shade, thus adding depth to your small bathroom.

Lighting is yet another factor that needs to be given due consideration, while designing a small bathroom. Adding extra lighting, at specific key points like corner, can help open up the space in your bathroom, without consuming any additional space. You can also make use of recessed can lighting, installed into the ceiling, for providing focused light on any work space. Then, there is the option of using wall sconces or a countertop lamp to add warmth. If you have the money, go for skylights and Solatubes.

How you would love to install a large vanity in your small bathroom, allowing you access to tons of storage space under the sink! Though a vanity is very useful, it surely is not practical. A vanity takes a lot of floor space and can make your bathroom appear all the more smaller. So, you should consider using a pedestal or wall-mounted sink instead. It will not only be quite inexpensive, but also help open up space. As for the storage, you can consider using baskets or even wall-mounted cabinets.

Floor, Walls & Ceiling
While choosing the flooring for your bathroom, go for light colors. In case you are stuck with a dark color, consider putting a large, light-colored rug over it. Decorating a wall can also add to the appeal of a small bathroom. You can paint or stencil a decorative mural on the largest open wall or hang a piece of art that shows an outdoor vista. As for the ceiling, paint a lattice or molding design around the edge, to give the illusion of raised ceiling. Another option would be to install crown molding around the ceiling and paint it in the same color.

Small Bathroom Designs

Tips To Remodel Small Bathroom

Maximize Space
To maximize space in your small bathroom, you can replace the bath tub with a large shower and install a wall-hung sink and toilet. This will bring out a lot of space. Do not install double sinks, as they require more legroom and mostly look cumbersome. Remove the clutter from your bathroom, to make it look spacious. Another idea is to install pocket doors to open up space, otherwise required for the bathroom door to open. Install glass cabinets for storing medicine etc.

Redesign The Room
A larger window will add light to your small bathroom, besides creating an illusion of space. To guard against the need for curtains or blinds, you can go for a glass block window. A large mirror can be used to reflect space, altering the look of your bathroom. Stained and color glass windows can be used to add character to the bathroom.

Even sinks can be positioned near natural light coming from the window. This will help reduce the number of light fixtures. If your bathroom flooring is dark colored, use a light colored rug over it, or you can simply change your dark flooring to a lighter one, incase you have that kind of budget. Wall mounted glass shelves will help enhance the new look of your bathroom. Larger wall tiles create more space than the smaller ones.

Innovative Storage Solutions
Storage of toiletries takes away a lot of space in the bathroom. Go for linen closet for storing required items. If you intend to put decorative items on display in your bathroom, place shelves near the ceiling, with lights beneath them. You can insert used kitchen cabinets in the bathroom, if you are remodeling your bathroom on a budget. Candles and tinted light bulbs can also be used to create ambience in your small bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Best Paint Colors For Your Bathroom

Bold Colors
Bright and bold colors, like red, blue, and yellow, are full of life and have the capability to infuse energy and excitement in your bathroom. They are cheery colors and work well with the natural light in the bathroom. However, you need to avoid them in their deep shade, as it might influence intensity of color. Artificial and neutral lighting can also impact the shades of these colors; hence all criteria should be checked before painting the walls.

Monochromatic Colors
Monochromatic color scheme refers to usage of different shades of the same color. It can also be blended with different bathroom accessories to have a uniform appeal, but you need to be sure of your passion for that color first. The warm or cool shades of monochromatic colors have the capability to create moods. For instance, cool colors like blue, green and purple create a spacious, tranquil, and airy feel, while warm colors like red, orange and yellow tend to impart a cozy, intimate appeal. You can even make a pattern of these colors and use in your bathroom.

Neutral Colors
If you have a small bathroom, you can always go for neutral colors, as they create the illusion of a bigger space. These neutral colors come in variations of whites, grays, tans, beiges, and chocolate browns and created a calm, serene mood in the bathroom. They also enhance elegance, with the bathroom accessories turning as focal points and appeal to your sensibility. You can pair neutral colors with a light pastel color, to have a sp-like feel.


* To make your bathroom look glamorous, you can mix and match two colors as well.
* Lighter colors on the bathroom walls will give an illusion of a larger and bigger space.
* Dark and bright tones can be used in a spacious bathroom, making it cozy and welcoming.
* Try keeping things simple, as too much design might confuse the eye and lead to decorating disappointment.
* To make the choice of colors easier, purchase the tester paints and try it on your walls.
* You can even go online and upload the picture of your bathroom to have a virtual tour of your favorite colors.