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Modern LIFE-change requires a fundamental change. Currently, the family homes in the middle of the city's increasingly difficult to find a kitchen full of black soot and sticky floors.

Therefore, no wonder if the current split in two kitchens, kitchen, wet and dry kitchen, which has a different function. The kitchen is usually combined with a living room or dining room is often referred to as the kitchen pantry or dry. This room is usually equipped with modern kitchen equipment. Meanwhile, wet kitchen used for cooking. Wet kitchen is more widely used to heat the food before serving or used to cook something practical, that if using the spices they had half-finished. Therefore, now the middle of the kitchen design trend in line with the times.

Modern Interior House Design

Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design
Everybody knows that the true meaning of good interior design is to work out your small gap within a strict budget in a creative way. And a great example is this residence by Steven Harris and Lucien Rees-Roberts.

The guys worked with a 4,000 sqm building and succeed to bring about a contemporary styled interior. Throwing subtle colors and layered textures, the folks over at Reese Roberts Solicitors (they’re specialists property practice in Liverpool) have combined a classic and richly texture approach, with the right amount of lighting in every room.
Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design
Modern Interior House Design

Herriot + Melhuish Architecture Ltd Waimarama House

Shifting Tides - Strongly connected to the land and surrounding beachside - a prime example of the new beach house vernacular in New Zealand - Herriot + Melhuish have created a holiday home that's prepared to move, if the sands and tides shift against it.
Having recently picked up a New Zealand Architecture Award for 2008/9, this house exemplifies the latest in bach design. Not forgetting its heritage, the house uses traditional materials, in a befitting contemporary manner. Horizontal wethearbords, plywood and sheets of iron roofing were the mediums for many a handyman around coastal New Zealand, used to create simple holiday huts.

Today, the same materials have produced this modern wonder. A comfortable 4 bedroom home, with sheltered outdoor spaces and an upstairs retreat from entertaining for the owners.

Far from it's simple forebarers, this is a house where the living is easy. sheltered summer decks, outdoor showers, simple flow to the outside of the house and plenty of room for extra guests to camp out.
The client sought a family house on the beach, with four bedrooms plus studio and study. In this coastal setting, sun, views and habitable outdoor spaces alternately protected from and catching sun and wind were a priority.
Located close to the beach and fronting the Waimarama domain, the site is constrained both in size and by the need to relocate the house if required. Set against these constraints is a spectacularly open landscape - the edge between sea and hills, and a relaxed aesthetic of a small beach community.
Design Approach
The design approach combined a rational geometrical sensibility with a romantic attachment to the land and tradition. Hence a simple composition of two interlocking volumes: a white bedroom wing, loosely derived from the repetitious plan of 'shearers quarters', inserted into a double height 'timber 'crate'.

The forms are then extended, layered and truncated in response to site, views, sun and programme. The resultant north-facing courtyard not only leads to the front door but also provides outdoor family space – strongly connected to the house and sheltered from the afternoon sea breezes. Visual connection through the house and to the landscape was a key driver of the design. In the main bedroom upstairs, capturing the full drama of the sunrise and the expansive views from Cape Kidnappers to Bare Island were significant.

More than just a 'beach house', this is an all-year round dwelling. However, the need to relocate the building if required ruled out concrete construction. Instead high levels of insulation, heat pump technology and solar panels on the roof, augment the large double glazed openings that capture sun and trap heat in winter, but cool through sea breezes in summer.

The composition of natural oiled cedar weatherboards, painted plywood and weathered zinc sheet both connects the house to the landscape and some older local traditions, but equally clearly sets it apart from a lot of the local built context. This is a house strongly connected to the land but prepared, if the sands and tides shift against it, to move.


Organik adalah kata pertama yang datang ke pikiran anda saat melihat rumah Bubble. Sebenarnya itu hal yang baik, karena salah satu tujuan dari Antti Lovag adalah saat keadaan rumahnya persis berada dan menyatu dengan alam. Antti Lovag adalah memiliki darah campuran antara ayah Russia Yahudi dan seorang ibu Finlandia yang juga kebetulan penyayang terhadap anak-anak. Ia dibesarkan ayahnya yang sering bepergian, lalu masuk tentara Finlandia dan berakhir sebagai sebuah prisonner Russian perang pada usia 19. Dia kemudian menjadi seorang mahasiswa Institut Urbanisme di sekolah Arsitektur Paris sebelum bekerja di Perancis dan berkeliling dunia. Akhirnya dia membangun rumah gelembung pertamanya di 60's, setelah mengambil bagian dalam beberapa asosiasi inhabitat.Untuk Antti Lovag, konsepsi dari tempat di mana Anda akan hidup tidak membuat daftar kamar persegi dengan nama-nama seperti ruang tamu, dapur atau kantor. Dia pertama kali menginstal furniture sesuai dengan irama bahwa orang-orang akan ada di rumah, lalu membungkusnya dengan sekitar rumah.
Dia juga ingin gelembung rumah untuk menjadi extensible dan evolutif, seperti satu set kerang yang dapat memperpanjang sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda. Yang berada dekat dengan alam dan interaksi dengan itu adalah keinginan lain dari Antti Lovag ketika membangun rumahnya.
Ini mungkin adalah bukti terbaik yang saya bisa menemukan bahwa arsitektur ramah lingkungan dan desain tidak hanya terjadi setelah pidato Al Gore.

Ultra Modern Architecture Office

Ultra Modern Architecture Office
Ultra Modern Architecture Office
Ultra Modern Architecture Office
This office interior design not only accommodate working activities, but also succeed to express product image which have environment approach & also make a bonafide company look. This office located in Rasuna Office Park, Kuningan, Jakarta, is base of Vidatech Company which have software products. A171 m2 space basic of two parts which become united & have triangle shape so the layout space more complex form usually office. Other unique part is there are low plafond & structural wall of building which across & can not be removed so make difficult to divide the rooms. As first step, designer divided office layout become two zone based on room program & use two accesses from old office. First zone consist of main access for staff & guest, main door, staff area, services area, two director room, & informal meeting room.

Second zone consist of special client access, formal meeting room, & management room. As a link of these two zones, there is lounge with café atmosphere. The floor is higher than the others. Those room order match with office needed which give attention to be representatives & marketing office, not the production.

In concept, owner & designer agree to express software product image in to interior design, & the concept get shape at capsule concept. This concept formulated as space with modular capsule shape with certain wall in round shape. Technically, all of structural wall let it flat, but other partition walls made curved with wooden skeleton & covered with panels laminated Formica Aluminum otherwise wooden profile in horizontal lines & deco finishing. This seems clear started from stairs area & main door, until formal meeting room until open ver&a which goes to lounge area.

Designer also applied rounded or curved shape at dropped down ceiling, explicated with indirect lightning lamp applied inside like seem in lounge area. Designers also cope to formed transparent, light, & sophisticated impression with applied fabrication material & up to date finishing. For example, almost of room partitioned with clear glasses from floor until plafond & frameless. Walls, plafond, floor dominated with gray & white color. As a room focus, there are digital printings with photos of sea living & attractive colors at certain walls. At staff room, filing cabinet from supercon material & acrylic finishing created, glossy with orange color to give spirit & joy of work. Lounge floor covered with 12 mm glass so indirect lightning more live.

Ultramodern office impression explicited with thematic lightning. For example, formal meeting room has blue lightning, so make dramatic impression, as if we inside sea. Last, furniture in this office is ergonomic, it means shape, measurement, & chair construction can prop up user body appropriate with user’s gesture & posture. Material & chair finishing do not use wood & usually seats, but have special material which flexible, strong, & sophiscated. These chairs have hollow shape, dynamic, sporty, light, & brief because stackable also easy to moved follow office activities (multipurpose).

Small House Interior Design " Modern Design Ideas "

small house interior modern
small apartment futuristik
interior japanese house concept
dark hardwood floors interior design
beach house interior designModern & minimalist interior is homes design which many people wanted now. Small house interior very match to you which not have a large land. So if you not have large land , i hope you can follow this ideas for your home. Minimalist but impressed luxuary home interior is one dream people, so why not have a smal house interior ??

Luxury House / Home Interior Photos

Luxury house ( kitchen ) interior

Exterior Luxury house interior
my collection luxury house interior very much , may be you want to find interior design which very luxuary. this house photos is one example my luxury house / home interior. You like it ??

home decorating living room
Decorating a home in order to be in accordance with our taste, style and liking, we don't have to spend a huge investment to hire a professional interior decorator. You can make your dream house come true with a little creativity and imagination. You may consider these few cheap interior home decorating ideas. The first thing you have to do is looking around and making a list of what all items that you have at home that you would like to reuse.

How to choose home furnishings for the living room we always look good and durable, we must choice the leather sofa sets living room furniture including wooden chairs living room, because the living room furniture is importance for the guest room to offer maximum comfort and a pleasant time.

Leather living room furniture can be selected to match your home decor, and you can try to match the curtains and decorations and other accessories with the furniture too. This can help give a coordinated and designed the pattern to the living room.

home decorating christmas
Decorating your house for Christmas adds added attraction for your Christmas preparations to celebrate the occasion. Outdoor Christmas decor includes decorating a Christmas tree with colorful lighting which needs a lot of creativity. Yard decoration, besides pre-lit topiary and nativity sets, is important while you opt for decorating your house.

Here are few images for you to guide for you how to decorate your home in Christmas

home decorating 2011

Sticking to your personal favorites is not always the right decision. Balancing out the colors according to the latest trend is the key to a good home. Here are some ideas about what you should do with the color scheme for home décor in 2011.

Color trends change with time and every year brings a new color scheme for home décor. 2011 is bringing grays to give you walls a perfect look with grace and compliment the darker tones. Grays will be seen in color schemes for home décor 2011 with bright flashy colors like yellow, red and magentas. Purple will also be included in the “in” colors for those who love to have their rooms decorated with bright and lively colors.