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The Only Preformed Foldable Pond Liner System on the Market Today!

Ornamental Pond Liner System
Ornamental Pond Liner Co. Inc. is the leading manufacturer in Preformed Foldable Pond Liner Systems for the Home Owner, Pond Hobbyist, and Contractor! Whether you are a professional or just starting out in the pond hobby, our pond liner system provides you with all the steps and makes the work as quick and easy as possible.

Each liner is made from a 30 Mil PVC Fish-Friendly Virgin Vinyl, which is heat-sealed together to make the various shapes, sizes and depths of our preformed foldable pond liner. Our company guarantees each liner to last and be free from material defects and seam failure for the length of our 15 Year Limited Warranty!

We have a variety of styles to suite everyone's taste, like our: Kidney, Figure Eight, Camel Hump, and Boot, just to name a few. Our Liners range from depths of 18", 24", and 36". They also range in size, starting with our Miniature Collection, suited for small spaces and front yards, to our Medium size ponds for your backyard habitat.

Real Life Replica of Our Pear Liner
These ponds are perfect for all pond fish, including catfish, koi, and goldfish. Our liners weigh from 11 to 40 lbs, and are folded to fit in a box 26" x 20" x 7", so carrying it around isn't back-breaking work. Shipping is very inexpensive for online shoppers, as compared with other preformed ponds. Shipping can be anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars alone for hard-shell preformed ponds. Please check our "Where To Buy" section on our website for more information.

Each liner has a 2 ft. collar that anchors the pond onto the ground surface (according to its specific shape), and also serves to create a ledge to hide the wall above the water line and increase the depth of the pond from 4 to 6 inches. Our liners hold water securely (anywhere from 79 gallons to 1000+ gallons), and forms a barrier against contaminants.

Within each boxed pond liner, is a template of the exact shape for that individual liner. This serves as an outlining guide for the area where you plan on installing your pond, and helps to prevent you from over digging. It also reinforces the bottom of the pond as an underlayment, preventing the liner from damage caused by plant roots and rocks.

Our installation guide gives you step by step instructions on how to install the pond, so there is no guesswork involved. Check out the "Installation" section on our website for updates and revisions.

This liner is perfect for the do it yourself person and great for installers because installation would be fast and preordering materials for the project would be easy! All liners come with the specifications needed to do the project.

Each boxed liner includes:
  • A pre-shaped geo-membrane PVC 3O mil black fish-grade pond liner
  • A template/underlayment of the specific pond shape, making the pond shape easy to outline, and to protect the bottom of your pond from plant roots and rocks. Just outline the perimeter of the template and follow the inside area.
  • An installation guide, so you have your pond installed quickly and easily
  • A 15 Year Limited Warranty
Our Finished Product - Abstract Kidney
Abstract Kidney 18" with a ledge making it 22" Deep (See Demonstration Video For More Information on Installation)
  Video of Abstract Kidney 18" Depth Liner - Installed and Customized with various catfish, goldfish, and koi.

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