red Segal Green Overflows with Cutting Edge Designs from the Most Innovative Green Designer

fred segal green design 01 Fred Segal Green Overflows with Cutting Edge Designs from the Most Innovative Green Designers
Those in doubt that the green movement is about as far away from hippie culture as one can get need only show up at the following address: 420 Broadway in Santa Monica, California. There you will find a new store that optimizes our society’s infatuation with high-end organic green design — introducing Fred Segal Green.
This latest addition to super-duper exclusive, celebrity-friendly Fred Segal family opened the doors to its 1,200 square foot store (located at the back of its east building) earlier this week. So, what eco-goodies does this green home and lifestyle store boast? How about encasing your laptop in a stylish Monacca laptop bag made “from ecological wood such as trees that have been pulled down during the programmed maintenance plan of Japanese reforestation?” Or planting yourself on tables and chairs made from “sustainably-harvested wood or scrap and recycled materials” or Ronel Jordaan’s stone-like cushions? 

Get it Outta Your Closet This Fall

closet cleaning 01 Get it Outta Your Closet This Fall
Just last week, I cleaned out my closet for the first time in awhile.There were plenty of fashion skeletons in there — college t-shirts with cheesy messages, ill-fitting blouses, and “the flood is coming” jeans — yikes. It was a bear of a job, but it turned out to be the perfect timing. I was able to clear some space and figure out what I need and don’t need. Below is my new and improved, monkey proof, 4 step closet de-junking plan that’s also easy on the earth.
Step 1: Get down to your last threads
The hub and I do laundry only when absolutely necessary – when the piles start making the cats nervous and we’re finally out of comfortable knickers. If your family is like mine, take this perfectly dirty opportunity to go through your closet. Chances are, if you’re desperate for clean clothes and you still won’t wear what’s on your hangers… it might be time to rethink whether or not you need it.

Natural Latex Is The New Must Have Luxury Bed

latex mattress 03 Natural Latex Is The New Must Have Luxury Bed
It appears mattresses have come full circle. While sweet baby Jesus lay his head on a manger of straw, our ancestors slept on rustic natural mattresses filled straw. The 18th century heralded mattresses stuffed with cotton or wool. Modern mattresses took a decidedly man-made turn with the invention of the innerspring and polyurethane foam. Today the natural mattress trend is back. And there’s new candidate for the title of best night’s sleep ever, natural latex, made from the milk of the Havea Brasillensis or the rubber tree

Eco-Maids | Green House Cleaning

eco maids green house cleaning 05 Eco Maids | Green House Cleaning
Nothing screams clean more then the heady whiff of bleach or hospital strength disinfectant, right? Wrong, wrong and wrong again. We all know that the chemicals in conventional cleaning products are as horrible for our health as they are for the environment. That’s why the real housewives of Orange Country and New York City are opting for a greener approach to cleaning their homes. And where these early adopters lead, the rest of the country will follow: just look at the popularity of breast implants.
But seriously, using non-toxic cleaning products in your home is a no-brainer. In the same way asbestos is now outlawed, I’m sure one day we’ll look back on the days of 2-butoxyethanol (EGBE), sodium hypochlorite, sodium dichloroisocyanurate with a certain nostalgia, I mean nausea.
eco maids green house cleaning 04 Eco Maids | Green House Cleaning
Supply seems to be meeting demand with a host of green cleaning companies springing up nationwide. Executive director of the Association of Residential Cleaning Professionals, Perry Phillips, explains: “It’s definitely a trend in our industry, more and more customers want their homes cleaned in a health-conscious way.” What’s more, customers are happy to fork out premium prices for the service, which is often due to the higher costs of eco-products.
In addition to eco-maids armed only with Seventh Generation, Ecover, Method, vinegar and baking soda, this new breed of green cleaners also offers education and consulting services; eco-painting; eco-janitors for the workplace; even (eh-hem) space blessing and energy clearing.
Okay maybe that last stuff is little new age-y, but as far as cleaning services are concerned, there’s no doubt in my mind that green is the new clean.
ge new water heaters 01 New Water Heaters | Instant Gratification On Demand, But Not Too Sexy!
Water heaters are not the sexiest of appliances. They certainly don’t inspire song or poetry. And no-one would choose one to become their muse. But as the second biggest energy guzzler in your home, it’s important we know at least enough about them to make a smart choice. GE has come out with two new water heaters: the tankless and the hybrid electric. They have a great video explaining the functions of each — which means no more hiding behind illiteracy to shroud environmental ignorance.

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