Creative Wall Bathroom Decoration

Wall Bathroom DecorationA bathroom whether it is an independent unit or attached to a bedroom will always have tiles running around all wall surfaces. I some cases the tiles are fixed up to 4 feet height and then the wall are painted with a waterproof painting to prevent the seepage of water into the brick walls.Wall Bathroom DecorationIf you bathroom is small, you can use this to your advantage. Normally the small or big size of any space is perceived because of the border walls of any room. Using unique flooring and wall decor ideas you can easily remove the perception of borders and the room looks bigger.Wall Bathroom DecorationWall Bathroom DecorationYou can do this by creating a flooring pattern in the bathroom using tiles and then continue this pattern on the walls as wall decor theme. You can do this up to 4 feet height as well. This will break out the dimensions of the bathroom and it will appear bigger.Wall Bathroom DecorationThus bathroom wall decor plays a major role in how the bathroom look when finished this because unlike every other room in your home, a bathroom has a limited number of furniture and decorating accessories available.Wall Bathroom DecorationWall Bathroom DecorationWall Bathroom DecorationIdeas for bathroom wall decorAlways remember to buy accessories for your bathroom which cannot be damaged by water. There is one more thing to that should be taken care of. The items for decorating must have smooth surface. There is always a fear of water clogging inside the intricate metal or wood work. * Bathroom lighting can make the walls glow with the kind of color that you like. People usually go for white or yellowish lights when they are decorating a bathroom. * Hanging pictures in this place can give you a pleasant feeling while you get refreshed. You should always select those pictures that you love most as you will be watching them daily. * Nowadays tiles are a very good option to beautify the walls. You can use light colors like sea blue or beige that are soothing and looks clean as well. * The light fixtures in a bathroom can put different effects on the walls. Some people like dim lights inside this space. They can use wall sconces which have frosted glass shades to produce soft light. Decorative sconces with simple designs can also be used to enhance the interiors. * Mirrors are a necessary item in bathroom. You can decorate the space by placing a smart looking mirror. It is associated with some additional advantages. It will make your room look bigger and will also make the place brighter by reflecting light.